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Welcome to ColfaxAI

Revolutionizing Target Audience Development 

ColfaxAI is a pioneering company dedicated to leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to drive innovation, productivity, and growth. Our focus is on the specialized needs of nonprofit organizations, governments, and small to medium sized companies, to which we offer tailored AI solutions. We recognize the unique challenges these entities face and strive to develop algorithms and systems that are not only technologically advanced but also ethically responsible and sustainable.


ColfaxAI, at its core, is a partner in transformation. Our objective is to empower your organization with state-of-the-art AI tools and technologies, paving the way for you to harness the benefits of AI without the need for large-scale resources.


Trust ColfaxAI to lead you into the future of artificial intelligence, where efficiency, reliability, and innovation converge.

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SmartRegister VRM is not just a tool, it's a game-changer in political campaign management, ensuring every campaign, regardless of size, has access to cutting-edge technology and expertise for a more informed, strategic approach to voter engagement.

Key Features


Party Probability Scores

A standout feature of SmartRegister VRM is the Party Probability Score. This metric offers invaluable insights for targeting non-partisan, Independent, and unregistered individuals, refining audience targeting, messaging, and fundraising strategies. 


Enhanced Voter File

Clients gain access to a comprehensive voter file enriched with data spanning from voting history and contact information to consumer behaviors, demographics, and Census data for an extensive base of over 210 million voters.


Tracking Voter Engagement

SmartRegister VRM provides campaigns with voter tracking and profile editing tools that are designed to support a campaign's efforts to maintain consistent and effective engagement with targeted voters.

How We Help Campaigns Win?

SmartRegister VRM (Voter Resource Manager) stands at the forefront of machine learning technology, specifically crafted to decipher complex datasets and forecast voting trends. This sophisticated system is pivotal for campaign strategy optimization, leveraging a vast array of data including demographics, historical voting records, socioeconomic data, and more. By delivering targeted insights, SmartRegister VRM empowers campaigns to allocate resources effectively, customize communication, and engage audiences with precision. Key benefits include heightened efficiency, strategic edge, cost-effectiveness, and an enhanced probability of campaign triumph.


Our Unique Approach

SmartRegister VRM is more than a tool; it's a holistic approach to campaign data management. Recognizing the importance of data precision and analysis for campaign success, we bridge the gap for campaigns of all sizes. 


VRM offers bespoke data management services, guiding campaign teams and party staff through the complexities of voter databases and predictive modeling. Our state-of-the-art machine learning software analyzes over 1000 data points for each of the 210 million registered voters in the U.S.

Our team at SmartRegister VRM is excited to offer a comprehensive suite of data management services tailored to the unique needs of your campaign. Our services are designed to enhance a campaign's strategic voter engagement and decision-making processes. Here is an overview of what we provide:

Enhanced Voter File

We will equip the campaign with an advanced voter file. This resource will provide deeper insights into voter demographics and behaviors.

Party Probability Scores (PPS)

For voters not affiliated with the Democratic or Republican parties, we will provide detailed Party Probability Scores. This analysis will assist in understanding the leanings of Independent and non-partisan voters.

Customized Reports and Analytics

Target Audience

Data Collection Support

Post-Election Analysis

At the campaign's request, our team will generate detailed reports and analytics. These will include targeted data and strategic insights for voter engagement, helping to streamline campaign efforts.

Based on our data analysis and the campaign's feedback, we will offer targeted audience recommendations. 

Our team will assist in the campaign's data collection efforts, providing comprehensive reports and analyses to inform campaign strategies.

After the election, we will deliver a thorough post-election analysis, offering insights for future campaigns and strategy refinement.

We are enthusiastic about the possibility of collaborating with your campaign team. We look forward to discussing how our data management services can contribute to a successful campaign.

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