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Pricing for

Subscribers with <250k voters will be charged $.021 per record

Subscribers with >250k voters:  $315

Congressional District:  $500
State-wide campaign:  Contact us for pricing

NOTE: subscribers may pay for subscriptions on a monthly or annual basis. Annual  payees will receive a 10% discount.


Subscribers will receive:

  • Party Probability Scores (PPS)

  • Enhanced voter file

  • Canvassing tools

  • 2 licenses

  • 2 hours of free campaign consultation


Additional services and products:

  • Additional licenses: $25

  • Email addresses: $.07 per record

  • Predicted donor data: $.03 per record

  • Consultation: $90 per additional hour

  • Campaign Academy: $125 per attendant 

Contact us with the name of the state, county, city/town, township, school district, and/or office of the campaign you wish to manage with SmartRegister VRM, and we'll provide you with an audit of voters and a quote.

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