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The Team

David G.jpeg

David Galvin

Chief Executive Officer

David W.jpeg

David Weinstein

Data Scientist

Shawn D..jpeg

Shawn Denney

Chief Financial Officer

Roberto G.jpeg

Roberto Gonzales

Data Scientist

Carlos O.jpeg

Carlos Orellana

Chief Data Scientist

Team Bios

Our company consists of seasoned political advisors who have partnered with talented data scientists.

David Galvin, President/Chief Executive Officer


David is a seasoned professional with a track record of success in both political and issues-based campaigns, often achieving unexpected victories for his candidates against established expectations. He has transferred his strategic prowess to the ad-tech sector, serving both private and nonprofit clients, and is now leading ColfaxAI to prominence in the political technology industry.


Originally from Colfax, Indiana, which inspired the name ColfaxAI, Galvin's background is diverse and global. He has explored over 30 countries, served in the U.S. Navy, and engaged in research on Middle Eastern security at Uppsala Universitet's Department of International Peace and Conflict Resolution in Sweden. His notable achievements include initiating an HIV/AIDS program in Vijayawada, India, pioneering the first city-owned biofuels program in Kokomo, Indiana, and contributing to various high-profile political and issues-based campaigns in Indiana.


An Emmy Award-winning writer and producer, Galvin is renowned for his ability to tackle complex challenges and devise innovative, comprehensive solutions. His impressive portfolio includes contributions to the US Navy, Democratic political figures, nonprofits, local governments, and state agencies.

Shawn Denney, Chief Financial Officer


Shawn’s professional background in municipal government began after college (B.A. in Political Science, University of Indianapolis '96) when he interned for the town of Middletown in Henry County. Shawn received the “Innovation in Local Government Award” from the Southern Indiana Rural Development Council in 1998. The award was presented by Congressman Lee Hamilton. Shawn went on to work in retail, insurance, and wealth management before the economic downturn of 2008 directed him toward education. Shawn began working with students in the classroom for Indianapolis Public Schools shortly thereafter.   The experience led him to obtain his Master of Arts in Teaching from his undergraduate alma mater the University of Indianapolis. 


Since then, Shawn has gone on to serve on numerous boards including MSD Lawrence Township School Board, the City of Lawrence Common Council, board chair for the finance committee for the City of Lawrence, finance committee for the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan, the Kiwanis of Castleton Foundation, the Lawrence Community Foundation, and the board of directors for North United Methodist Church. 

Carolos Orellana PhD, Chief Data Scientist 


Carlos Orellana graduated with honors from the University of Chile with a degree in physics. He won a Fulbright fellowship for doctoral studies in the United States, obtaining a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Chicago in 2013. Focusing mostly on experimental material science, he did a postdoctoral stay at Emory University, expanding his research interest into microscopy and the analysis of large quantities of data.


Upon returning to Chile in 2017, he switched focus to industry, where he works on fundamental problems in the iron mining industry. At the same time, he has applied his data-science skills to many areas, including mining and car-predicting models. He has worked for globe-spanning institutions such as the Inter-American Bank of Development.

David Weinstein PhD, Data Scientist


Dr. Weinstein holds an engineering degree in molecular biology from the University of Chile. He received his Ph.D. in biophysical sciences from the University of Chicago.


Besides his work with ColfaxAi, Weinstein consults as a data scientist focused on data mining and bioinformatics, analyzing large quantities of data. When he isn’t working in bioinformatics and statistics of human genomics, he teaches tae kwon do and enjoys reading Egyptian history and interpreting ancient hieroglyphs.

Roberto Gonzales PhD, Data Scientist


Dr. Gonzaales is an experienced professional with over a decade of expertise in spearheading the creation and execution of sophisticated analytics solutions. He specializes in projects utilizing Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Big Data methodologies. His scope of work includes various stages of implementation, ranging from Proof of Concept (PoC) to comprehensive AI/ML model deployments aligned with MLOPS protocols.


In the realm of data engineering and software development, Roberto has successfully designed and led the development of numerous multi-cloud data platforms and associated software projects. These projects have involved collaboration with diverse teams, including data scientists, software engineers, and full-stack developers.

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